Sampson: Business Resources



Better Business Bureau of Coastal Carolina

1121 Third Avenue, Conway, SC 29526

Phone:  843-488-2227  Fax:  843-488-0998



Federal Business Center




North Carolina Department of Commerce - Business Link NC

4344 Mail Service Center , Raleigh , NC 27699

Phone:  919-807-4280   Fax:  919-715-2855

Toll Free (within NC): 1-800-228-8443




North Carolina Department of Labor

1101 Mail Service Center , Raleigh , NC 27699

Phone:  919-807-2796  Toll Free (within NC) 1-800-NC-LABOR




North Carolina Department of Revenue

501 North Wilmington Street , Raleigh , NC 27604




North Carolina Military Business Center

515 Ramsey Street , Fayetteville , NC 28302

Phone:  (910) 323-4587   Fax: (910) 323-4784   Toll Free:  (877) 245-5520




North Carolina Secretary of State

2 South Salisbury Street , Raleigh   NC   27601-2903

Phone:  919- 807-2008




Service Corp of Retired Executives (SCORE)

409 3rd Street, SW , 6th Floor

Washington , DC 20024

Phone:  1-800-634-0245




Small Business and Technology Development Center

Fayetteville State University , Fayetteville , NC 28302

Phone:  910-672-1727




United States Small Business Administration

6302 Fairview Road, Suite 300 , Charlotte , NC 28210

Phone:  704-344-6563  Fax:  704-344-6769

Web:  http://www.sba/gov/nc













Business Relocation Resources


Map of Clinton, NC


Map of Sampson County, NC



Clinton-Sampson Airport

To find out information on Clinton-Sampson Airport contact the City of Clinton at (910) 592-1961

Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., or Clinton Flying Service at (910) 592-3295.



NC State Ports

"North Carolina's Ports of Wilmington and Morehead City, plus inland terminals in Charlotte and in the Piedmont Triad at Greensboro, are "ready, willing and able" to serve as competitive alternatives to ports in neighboring states for competitive access to the global markets. Owned and operated by the Ports Authority, North Carolina's port system combines modern facilities and abundant capacity with the commitment to excel in service to our customers." Source: NC State Ports



Sampson County Economic Development Commission

Sampson County’s strength lies in its people. Ours is a community of hard working, caring individuals with strong roots and values. We’re no stranger to hard work. It’s hard work that has made us a national leader in pork and poultry production and agriculture. It’s hard work that has made many of our citizens renowned leaders in their industry and country.


The strength of our people and our prime location has attracted many companies to our county. Schindler Elevator Corporation, Hog Slat, Inc., Dubose Strapping, Inc., Hanson Brick, Crumpler Plastic Pipe, Inc., Ezzell Trucking, Inc., Smithfield, Prestage Farms, and many more are proud to call Sampson County home. We offer your business more than growth; we’ll give you a warm welcome. Become a part of our close-knit community. Join us as we cheer on the local high school football teams. Taste the barbecue and delight in some down-home southern cooking and hospitality! Then you’ll see why we say "You’ll like the way we work. You’ll love the way we live."


Call the Economic Development Commission at 910-592-8921 to arrange your visit to Sampson County or visit their web site at



Sampson Community College

Sampson Community College plays an active role in the continuing education of the citizens of Sampson County. The College's Continuing Education programs provide courses for those individuals who did not graduate from high school, for those who need to retrain and update themselves in a vocational or professional area, and for those who desire instruction enabling them to grow in basic knowledge, improve in home and community life, and develop or improve leisure time activities. Sampson Community College also provides in-plant job skills training and literacy classes for area businesses and industries.  To learn more, visit



Small Business Center

The Center serves the small business community in Sampson County by providing educational and informative seminars throughout the year. The Center holds seminars not only on the Sampson Community College campus but will facilitate seminars throughout the county when needed. At times, the Center offers mini-conferences, partners with other organizations for outstanding all-day events, and offers management performance training. The Small Business Center is the source for information on starting a business, marketing, financing, record keeping and taxes, writing a business plan, plus many more topics!

In addition, the Center provides one-on-one confidential counseling. These sessions are held in strictest confidence. Counseling is provided at the discretion of the business owner and may include on-site visits, forecasting, facilitation of relationships with professionals and other organizations, assessment of skills and needs, and referral. The Small Business Center reviews marketing and business plans, provides guidance and advice for strategic decisions, and provides an objective viewpoint.

The Small Business Center can help your business by giving you access to the Internet and software and to a growing library of tapes and materials. The Center makes you aware of other community and statewide resources that are available as you pursue your dream of business ownership. Established in 1991, the Center is part of the Division of Continuing Education and is located on the main campus. Small Business Center Online



Business Privilege License

A business license is required by the State of North Carolina.  To obtain information about the State Privilege License, contact the local office of the North Carolina Department of Revenue.  If your business is to be operated under an assumed name, you should register the business with the Sampson County Register of Deeds.



Building Permits

If construction, whether building from the ground-up or making repairs to an existing structure, is involved in the establishment of your business, you are required to obtain a permit.  Businesses located in the City of Clinton or the unincorporated areas of Sampson County should contact the Sampson County Inspections Office.




You must report your business income to the Federal Government.  Contact the local office of the Internal Revenue Service for a tax guide including information about the various aspects of business taxation.  Accordingly, if your business is a corporation, you must report your income to the State Government.  Contact the North Carolina Department of Revenue for more information.  If your businesses is a proprietorship or partnership, business earnings are taxed as personal income. You may also be subject to sales tax.  Contact the local office of the North Carolina Department of Revenue to learn what taxes are applicable to your business. Additionally, if you are a property owner, you should contact the Sampson County Tax Office for requirements or administration of other taxes.



Employer Regulations

If your business has employees, you are subject to the following requirements.  First, apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) at the North Carolina Department of Revenue and the Internal Revenue Service.  Both offices will provide information about withholding employee wages.  The IRS will provide information concerning Social Security taxing.  Also contact the North Carolina Employment Security Commission concerning the Unemployment Insurance Tax.  You may obtain Workers Compensation Insurance from the insurance agency of your choice.  Visit the Chamber Business Directory for a listing of insurance agents. Visit the nearest Department of Labor for assistance and information regarding labor-related laws, such as the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Occupational Safety Health Act (OSHA).



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Clinton, NC 28328

PHONE: 910-592-6177

FAX: 910-592-5770

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