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Our New Logo: A Blossoming Symbol of Heritage and
Community Connection

The Clinton-Sampson Chamber of Commerce announces a significant milestone with the introduction of a new logo. Departing from the previous emblem celebrating 75 years, the Chamber now proudly presents a fresh design featuring the iconic dogwood flower, the official state flower of North Carolina. Crafted from the shape of Sampson County, the new logo symbolizes the Chamber’s deep roots in the community and its pivotal role in advancing economic growth and advocacy for a Greater Sampson. Sampson County is also home to the largest dogwood in North America, adding a unique touch to the Chamber’s new emblem. This change signifies a renewed commitment to the Chamber’s core values and a visual representation of its enduring impact on the region. The Clinton-Sampson Chamber of Commerce looks forward to continuing its legacy, fostering a pro-business climate, and making lasting, positive contributions to the community.

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